Emery Design Associates offers white glove renovation and design services in New York City, the Tri State area, and beyond. From consultation to completion, Deborah will personally manage every aspect of your renovation along with the support of her highly skilled staff, and team of architects, contractors, fabricators, vendors, and art dealers. You can confidently leave your space in her hands knowing that your project will be delivered on time, on budget, and more beautiful than you even imagined.


We update, and transform your home into a modern and elegant space that is tailored to your tastes and lifestyle. We will work from the ground up with attention to every detail. Many homes have been awkwardly laid out, or previously combined in ways that are not ideal. We will bring better flow, storage, and an aesthetically pleasing design to create a home you feel lucky to own.


We creatively combine apartments and turn them into unique spaces in which the end result is much more than the sum of the original parts.




Furnishing and styling a room is much like creating a piece of art. We often begin with an inspirational piece or idea, and then select appropriate furnishings that meet your needs and aspirations, and work well together to enhance your rooms. Like a symphony, everything is brought together with rugs, lighting, artwork, and accessories to create a sublime finished space.

Phase 1: Conceptual Plan

In this phase, Deborah will help you get clear on your vision, a realistic budget, and what is possible in your space. She will bring together a few conceptual design options with accompanying scopes, and budgets for you to choose from. At the end of this phase, you will have a road map which can be used as a reference point throughout the project, and a clear idea of what to expect going forward. 


Phase 2: Design and Development

Once you have made decisions on the scope of the project, and the budget, Deborah gets to work pulling together a complete design which can be submitted for appropriate approvals, and permits, where necessary. This includes coordinating with her team of architects, engineers, builders, and expeditors. You will meet with Deborah 2-3 times during this phase to make key decisions and provide input as the final design comes together.

Phase 3: Build

With all of the preparations complete, and approvals in place, Deborah and her team will begin bringing your new space to life. She is on-site often several times a week, to ensure that everything is being built to the design specifications, and the contractor has what they need to keep moving forward. You will have the opportunity to meet with Deborah weekly to check in on progress, and provide input if issues arise.

With Deborah handling everything, you will be able to relax and focus on your normal day to day agenda, knowing that when the renovation is complete you will have a special place to call home.


We want your renovation project to be as stress free as possible. To help with this, your project will be broken down into 3 primary phases:

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