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As I walk through New York City, I love looking up at the windows above street level, knowing that behind each one is a story to be told, and a possible space to be transformed. I feel privileged to be invited into each client’s home where I am able to shape their space into a sublime retreat where they can relax, recharge, and feel proud to show it off.


I specialize in modernizing and updating pre-war and traditional spaces. I truly love the transformation that takes place over the course of these projects. When I step into a space, I understand the potential and intuitively know what is missing, what changes need to be made, and the unique opportunities that each individual space provides that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

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My style is classic, clean, and elegant. I look for furniture with great lines and unique details that are well scaled. I often choose upholstery in neutral colors to accentuate the lines of the pieces and combine with vibrant colors from artwork and accessories. I love bringing together different accent materials such as textured metals, lucite, colored glass, beautifully grained woods - anything that adds visual interest, has great tactile, or light-catching qualities. 

Every space I create contains a combination of these 5 principles:



When you, or someone else walks into your home I want you to feel drawn in, embraced and comfortable, like you never want to leave. 



You can move naturally and easily around and between the spaces.



When I design a space I consider how everything will work together to create a whole. The architecture, scale, colors, accent pieces, and materials – everything comes together cohesively and is perfectly edited.



The textures, layers and shades of color, highlighted pieces all create a depth of design that is pleasing to the eye, creating a slow discovery of surprises as you explore each room.



You feel lucky to come home, and are continually wowed by the beauty and comfort that surrounds you.

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