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"After a disastrous experience with contractor on a kitchen renovation, we hired Emery Design Associates to come in and advise us on how we might proceed. It is never easy to enter into the middle of a project and even more difficult when the previous contractor's work is calamitous. I thought perhaps she might be able to help salvage the project from the existing damage. To my delight and surprise she not only rescued the project but she also completely transformed our kitchen pantry space! We are so impressed with Deborah's expertise in redesigning the existing kitchen into a much more stylish and pragmatic configuration as well as the professionalism and responsiveness of her terrific crew. I was a little nervous leaving for 3 weeks while the renovation took place but when we returned we were elated to walk into our beautiful renovated space. It is an immense pleasure to work with Deborah and I cannot recommend her more highly!"

— Elizabeth K., NYC

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