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The Dorilton

For years I have admired the building on the NE corner of 71st and Broadway, called The Dorilton. Its exterior is recognizable for its beaux-arts style - opulent, sculptural and dynamic. It is easily one of the most eye catching and iconic buildings in New York. As I always do with beautiful buildings, I wondered what it must look like inside. So it was with great excitement that I accepted work on a renovation project in the building.  

Carrying out renovations in a landmark building takes a lot of patience. There are a lot of restrictions and hoops to jump through, and for good reason; designers and architects should take care to maintain the integrity of the original design and detail-work of historic structures. It was definitely a challenge to carry out our clients’ wishes while following all the rules and regulations of the building's co-op board, the Landmarks Commission and the Building Department, but it was well worth it. We are really happy with the way this apartment turned out.

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