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The High Line, Urban Paradise

Since its opening, the High Line has become a favorite of locals and tourists alike, and is now being emulated in cities around the world.  It is a park, path, destination, haven, meeting place, flower garden, sculpture garden, all hovering above street level.

There are sculptures through out the park and beautiful high grasses and flowers in the summer.

View from the path

Something about its location – nestled between buildings old and new at different points along the path, neither too elevated nor too close to the hubbub below – and of course its landscaping and design, gives visitors a unique experience of the city.  You're close enough to be deeply engaged, but having the elevated vantage point allows the visitor to notice things you don't usually see from street level. It is also a brilliant example of effectively repurposing an abandoned space.  The High Line used to be a railroad line and the designers have purposely left the tracks exposed in certain areas as a reminder. 

The old train tracks

Barbara Kruger mural on the right

A commissioned sculpture by Kathryn Andrews

In fact, the High Line has become so popular that the pathway can get very crowded, causing some people I know (my husband!) to want to avoid it.  If you catch it at the right time, it's a little slice of heaven and one of my favorite places to go with my family, or out of town guests.  Check out their website and calendar of events – there are always new installations and things going on.  There’s also a future “Low Line” in the works in the Lower East Side...Check out for more information.  

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