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The Otto Dommerich Mansion

I’m so lucky to live in a city with so many architectural and interiors gems and one of my favorite things is to find them where I least expect. Before a recent trip to India I had to update some vaccinations and went to the office of Dr. Dennis O'Connor, who specializes in medical and travel services. I knew it was in a neighborhood with some beautiful facades, but imagine my delight when I stepped into the building and found this:

It turns out I was in the Otto Dommerich mansion, named after the family for which it was built. It was designed by famous architect Henry C. Pelton, who is known for having done New York’s Riverside Church and The Cloisters, and completed in 1918. In 1979, the townhouse was converted into an outpatient surgical facility and various doctors' offices by renowned New York designer, John Saladino. What resulted was a truly elegant mix of classical and contemporary styles. He cleverly designed rooms within rooms in order to create the doctors' treatment spaces while maintaining the incredible architectural details of the interiors.

I love walking down New York City streets wondering what other treasures are behind those those walls and windows...

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